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International Students » International Students Program Overview

International Students Program Overview

Faith Lutheran is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students and we are developing our International Student program. We offer challenging academics in a Christ-centered environment. Our staff of certified and experienced teachers exemplifies Christian values, love, and forgiveness. The friendliness and love of our students is a bonus for students coming into a new environment.

The environment and curriculum at Faith Lutheran School promotes individual achievement, spiritual growth, fosters the self-esteem of the child, all while enhancing creativity and encouraging social skills. Faith Lutheran School also offers expanded education programs in the areas of technology, choral music, and physical education. We are proud that our graduates have gone on to excel at every level in their continuing education.

Due to the emphasis on academic achievement, students coming to our school must have the ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend English. We will accept students in the fifth through eighth grades (10 - 14 years old).

Host family information:
  • Faith Lutheran School does not set up or supervise host family arrangements. These are entirely the responsibility of the home family and/or the sponsoring agency. The host family must read, write, speak, and comprehend English, or work with a translator, to ensure accurate, timely communication between the school and host family.
  • International students must have confirmed host family arrangements before arriving in the United States.
  • Internationals students are not allowed to live by themselves or with other international students.
  • International students must immediately inform the school of any change in host family arrangements, address changes, etc. Students who fail to do so will be subject to having their I-20 revoked, resulting in their immediate return to the home country.

General Policies for International Students:
  • International students must arrive with proof of medical insurance.
  • Students are required to have an international debit card or means to obtain U.S. funds that do not involve banking with the host family.
    International students must maintain at least a C average, as calculated on a quarterly basis.
  • International students must abide by all laws of the United States and the state of Georgia.
  • International students are to read and abide by the guidelines in the FLS Parent/Student Handbook.
  • No purchasing or drinking of alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, will be tolerated.
  • No illegal use of drugs or association with anyone involved in the illegal use of drugs in any way. Students who break this rule will be returned to their home country immediately.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke.