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Why Faith?

Why Faith?

What is distinctive about Faith Lutheran School?
Students hear the Good News daily for growth and nurture.

Faith Lutheran School provides an environment where God's Word produces a reverence and love for God, a knowledge of salvation, a passion for justice, a desire for peace, and a concern for the poor and oppressed of this world. Students at Faith learn to live in the world, without being "of the world."

Students at Faith are encouraged to view their lives as opportunities for service to their Lord. Children are helped to see how their life's work can be used in service to God and their neighbors.

At Faith, children learn in the presence of and with the guidance and support of committed Christian teachers and staff members. They are free to teach and act from a thoroughly Christian viewpoint in all situations. Therefore, although each child receives a solid academic education, it is a Christ-centered education.

The close community at Faith Lutheran School allows the church to function as a genuine fellowship and permits the Word of God to grow and multiply.

Faith Lutheran School, by considering unchurched children to be a priority in relation to enrollment procedures, is an agency for evangelical outreach.

Students at Faith Lutheran School, on average, achieve at or above average in the academic areas.
What we offer at Faith Lutheran School
The following co-curricular classes are offered:
  1. Music: ECE thru 8th grade
  2. Physical Education: ECE thru 8th grade
  3. Technology: ECE3 thru 8th grade
  4. Spanish: Transitional Kindergarten thru 8th grade
The following extracurricular activities may be offered:
  1. Ballet classes: ECE thru 4th grade
  2. KidzArt: ECE thru 5th grade
  3. Odyssey of the Mind: Kdg. thru 8th grade
  4. Beginning and Advanced Band: 4th thru 8th grade
  5. Handbell Choir: 5th thru 8th grade (by invitation)
  6. Chime Choir: 3rd thru 8th grade
  7. Sports (as follows): 5th thru 8th grade:
  8. Fall - Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Cross Country
    Winter - Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Basketball
    Spring - Boys Baseball, Girls Soccer, Co-ed Tennis
  9. Student Council: Middle School
  10. National Junior Honor Society: Middle School
Middle School Electives rotate each semester
may include subjects such as Art, Debate Team, Drama, Chorus, Book Club, Weight Training, etc.

Middle School Overnight Education Trips:
6th grade - Rock Eagle
7th grade - Space Camp, Huntsville, AL
8th grade - Washington, D.C.